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How I work

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist, in the NHS and in private practice in North London. I have over ten years of experience of helping adults find their way through a wide range emotional difficulties.


I trained to be an Integrative Psychotherapist, gaining knowledge and skills in the main theoretical models of psychotherapy (Psychodynamic, Person Centered, CBT and Existential). I am able to draw on different theoretical models and techniques in response to my client’s preferred ways of working and individual difficulties.

In practice

Individual psychotherapy is about creating a relationship where you, the client, can feel safe enough to express and explore your feelings, thoughts and experiences. Some of these might even be outside your everyday awareness. You will choose what you want the focus of our work to be. I will listen and then help you explore, link and make sense of experiences and feelings. In my experience, this process often brings emotional relief, clarity and makes change possible.

My experience

I have experience of working successfully with adults of all ages, of different races, cultures and sexual orientations, who are experiencing distressing emotions, manifesting as depression and anxiety.

For some, a recent event may be a trigger, e.g.

  • relationship breakdown

  • bereavement

  • loss of a job

  • illness or accident

  • life stage transition

For others, these feelings are linked to old experiences or traumas, e.g.

  • relationships with parents

  • childhood abuse (verbal, physical, sexual, neglect)

  • sexuality

  • race & cultural differences

  • domestic violence

  • low self-esteem and low self confidence

Our first meeting

At our first meeting I will ask you to tell me a bit about what has brought you to therapy and how you hope therapy and I can help. You will be able to ask me questions you may have.

Most importantly, you will get a sense of me and what it would be like working with me. You will then be better able to decide if I’m the right psychotherapist for you.

If you decide to continue working with me, we will discuss fees and appointments, which usually take place weekly at the same time. 


I am bilingual in English and Greek and work in both languages. 

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